New test system to detect strains of COVID-19 registered in Russian Federation

A new test system that has been created at the Federal Agency for Medicine and Biology for the determination of COVID strains of Alpha; prior to Delta, received a certificate of registration, according to the FMBA website.

“ AmpliTest SARS-CoV-2 VOC v.2 & # 39; & # 39; able to identify the most important genetic lines of the virus within two hours by the polymerase chain reaction method.

It is worth noting that the invention is relevant, because in Russia in recent months there has been a rapid spread of the lineage of the Indian strain “ Delta '' ;, which has become dominant. It is very contagious and has a shorter incubation period. & Nbsp; In addition, the new test system detects the British alpha strain, the South African beta variant and the Brazilian gamma mutation. & Nbsp;

AmpliTest; has already been put into production and is ready for series production at the FMBA production site.

Earlier, the Brazilian strain of the coronavirus Gamma was detected in Russia, as we talk about isolated cases of this mutation of the coronavirus.

According to Rospotrebnadzor official Anna Popova, nearly 70% of cases of coronavirus infection detected since early July in Russia have been attributed to the Indian delta strain.


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