Is it true that Stefanovich's former lover went to a woman's house?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” issue 29. Eight nannies, one me. How not to depopulate Russia? 07/21/2021

It is said that the former lover of the late A. & nbsp; Stefanovich, one of the & nbsp; Husband of Alla Pugacheva, is now married to tennis player Martina Navratilova. What kind of & nbsp; unusual change of love object?

To be noted immediately: Alexander Stefanovich for & nbsp; the novel of her friend Yulia Lemigova with & nbsp; Martina Navratilova had no relationship & nbsp; & mdash; at this time, Julia and & nbsp; Alexander parted ways a long time ago.

Julia Lemigova, first vice-miss of the Miss Universe contest & nbsp; & mdash; 1991 & # 39; & # 39 ;, was familiar with & nbsp; Alexander Stefanovich of the & nbsp; late 1980s. It was Stefanovich, a director by profession, who brought Lemigova to the modeling business. And & nbsp; the profession of mannequin, at & nbsp; in turn, brought Julia to & nbsp; Paris. It was there that she met the banker Eduard Stern , a friend of Nicolas Sarkozy . From & nbsp; Stern, she gave birth to a son & nbsp; & mdash; however, after 5 & nbsp; month, the child was found dead in the & nbsp; cradle. After a while, Edward Stern was also killed. He was found wearing a pink latex costume, and was killed by his 'mistress', along with & nbsp; with whom he had fun and & nbsp; that he refused to pay a fabulous sum.

Yulia, meanwhile, has started another relationship and & nbsp; gave birth to two daughters. … And & nbsp; then when the girls got a little older she said she was in & nbsp; relationship with tennis player Martina Navratilova. Julia told her daughters that Martina & nbsp; & mdash; their & nbsp; second mom.

Julia Lemigova and Martina Navratilova. Photo: Radin


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