Voronezh court arrested head of regional department of Interior Ministry in bribe case

A court in Voronezh arrested for two months, until September 19, the former deputy head of the regional traffic police department, and now the head of one of the OMVD units in the Paninsky district of the region, Igor Kachkin, suspected of attempted bribery. This is reported by the regional department of the commission of inquiry.

Kachkin was arrested after offering a police officer a bribe of 30,000 rubles to help him get a driver's license for his friend. A case was opened against him for attempted bribery of a large amount, he admitted his guilt.

Meanwhile, in February last year, the prosecutor's office of the Voronezh region filed complaints against Igor Kachkin for 22 real estate objects worth 50 million rubles and asked the court to withdraw them, turning them into state revenue.

In addition, all real estate has been registered with the relatives of the deputy head of the traffic police department, although their income is insufficient for such purchases.

According to the monitoring agency, the deputy chief of traffic police was personally involved in the conclusion of seven transactions worth more than 23 million rubles on the basis of notarized powers of attorney on behalf of the mother and signed purchase and sale agreements. It should be noted that the police officer did not provide any evidence confirming the purchase of the disputed property with legitimate income. The court has now stayed the proceedings.

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