We wave without looking. The United States has shown hypersonic ground weapons

The American company Lockheed Martin demonstrated a 3D model of the hypersonic ground weapon system OpFires (Operational Fires) under development. A promising development will need to occupy a niche between short and long range hypersonic missile weapons.

Lockheed Martin is working on the project with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The OpFires ground complex shall contain a hypersonic glider unit. It will be used by the US Army. Work on the complex began in 2017. Initially, the goal was to create a hypersonic complex with a range of up to 500 km, so that it would not fall under the Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missile Elimination Treaty. But after the United States entered the INF Treaty, the scope of the complex may have been increased, although this has not been officially reported.

OpFires is an innovative ground system. Its hypersonic aerodynamic units are capable of penetrating the enemy zone, protected by modern air defense (AA), and striking important targets with impunity. At the same time, the high-speed data of the rocket is currently not being disclosed. But remember that the class of hypersonic weapons includes & nbsp; missiles capable of speeds greater than or equal to Mach five or 6,120 km/h.

The main goal of DARPA at this point is to develop a 'strangled' rocket engine. Basically, we're talking about an engine that can be 'turned off' at will, without waiting for all the fuel to run out. Thus, modern solid propellant rocket engines cannot stop the process of fuel combustion, making it difficult to hit targets closer to the maximum range of the rocket. In theory, it is possible to redirect the missile to the target prematurely, but this will create overloads that can lead to its destruction.

It is reported that the proven electronics of the HIMARS highly mobile artillery missile system are used to create the system. OpFires should be placed on a versatile five-axle PLS chassis. The launcher will carry three hypersonic glider missiles. It is planned to use a combat stage of an AGM-183A ARRW missile as a warhead carrier.

Earlier this year, an agreement was signed between the US Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin create a mobile hypersonic missile launcher. This is the third contract under the program called OpFires, its size is $ 59 million. According to DARPA plans, the completed project is expected to be reviewed at the end of this year, after which assembly of the prototype will begin. Flight testing of the rocket is expected to begin in 2022, and receive a full-fledged complex, ready for adoption, in 8 to 10 years.

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She married a “mortal”. Japanese princess got married and lost her title

Princess of Japan Mako married her classmate Kei Komuro . The girl lost all the privileges of the palace and was publicly condemned. & Nbsp;

Mako & mdash; 30 years; eldest daughter of the Japanese hereditary prince Akishino . Under fire from journalists and television cameras, the girl officially formalized the marriage. His chosen one was an ordinary man, a classmate of Tokyo International Christian University Kei Komuro.

The girl left the imperial family and lost most of the privileges. Given the controversial attitude towards marriage in Japanese society, the princess refused to accept around 150 million yen (around $ 1.3 million), which was given to the girls when they leave the imperial family within the framework of marriage.

Mako took her husband's last name, now she is Mako Komuro. The girl is now an ordinary citizen of Japan.

Mako and Kei Komuro have known each other for nine years, but critics viewed the young man as an unsuitable party for the heiress of the Imperial family. & Nbsp;

“ Sorry for the inconvenience! & # 39; & # 39; ;

The event moved Japanese society so much that the Japanese even went to an anti-marriage rally. The people of the country were not even afraid that the chosen one & mdash; no royal blood. They suspected him of wanting to use the princess and her preferences and the insincerity of her feelings. By the way, it turned out that the mother of the groom owes a debt to the royal family & mdash; a few years ago, she borrowed 4 million yen ($ 35,000) from them. This circumstance has also turned society against the marriage of the princess.

As a result, the newlyweds were forced to explain their deed at a press conference. & Nbsp;

Japanese princess married commoner Photo: Screenshot/NHK

The newlyweds explained their decision at a press conference.

Former Japanese Princess Mako and her husband have apologized for the situation which has caused such unrest.

The couple's performance was touching. The event was broadcast by NHK TV channel.

“ Until today, I have tried with all my might to conscientiously fulfill the duties of a member of the Imperial Family, & mdash; said the old princess. & mdash; I have been helped, protected and supported by many people. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart those who have worked with me. I am aware that there are different opinions on our marriage, and I sincerely apologize to those who are concerned about this. I am also grateful to those who cared for me and supported me, regardless of what was said about us. Kay is an integral part of my life. For us, marriage was a conscious decision. & # 39; & # 39;

Kei Komuro in his speech confessed his love for Mako.

“ From now on, I would like to live my life with the person I love, support and share your feelings in times of joy and times less happy, & mdash; Said the man. & mdash; I apologize for the inconvenience caused by our marriage. Despite many events, it was through the support of people that I continued to believe that I would connect my life with Mako. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ' & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The young people plan to leave for the United States, where Kay Komuro lives after receiving legal training. In America, a man works for a law firm. In the future, he can become a lawyer.

To be with her beloved together, former Princess Mako must first obtain an American passport.

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Fire at Vladivostok market

Rescue workers completely extinguished a large fire in a market in Vladivostok. On Tuesday morning October 26, the Nekrasovsky Market caught fire in Vladivostok. According to the Department of Emergency Situations, most of the one-story marketplace has been ravaged by fires. During the fire, the market building partially collapsed. The total area burned was 700 square meters. 39 rescuers and 11 pieces of equipment were involved in the extinction. 70 people were evacuated, 10 were rescued, there were no casualties. Experts establish the circumstances and causes of the fire.

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Why are the scribes asking about income, language skills and apartment size?

In Russia, from October 15 to November 14, 2021, the census of the population of the whole of Russia is organized. Its task is & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; to collect the most complete and relevant information on the population, to determine its structure, its ethnic groups, to know the number of small peoples. & Nbsp; Permanent residents of Russia are questioned 33 questions, of which 23 & mdash; socio-demographic and will relate to gender, age, nationality, place of birth, nationality, language skills, sources of income, etc. & nbsp;

Does the questionnaire contain a question on knowledge of foreign languages? & nbsp;

In the quizzes there is a question about proficiency in other languages. There is also a question about the active use of languages ​​in everyday life. The respondent can name up to three language variants: they are recorded in free boxes. Answers to & nbsp; the questions will use & nbsp; & nbsp; in statistics. & nbsp; Census of the population of all Russia & mdash; the only source of information about languages ​​used in Russia. The data obtained will make it possible to assess the effectiveness of educational programs, the degree of need of national schools, as well as to determine priority areas to support cultural initiatives.

Is income requested during the census?

No, they are not asking. There is no question about the amount of income on the questionnaires. Only the question is asked about the source of income & mdash; employment, pension, allowance, scholarship, dependency, etc. Earlier & nbsp; during a press conference on the All-Russian Population Census & nbsp; advisor to the head of Rosstat & nbsp; Pavel Smelov & nbsp; stated that & nbsp; the sources of income will show how many people receive a salary and therefore work, and how many are unemployed. & nbsp;

“ From the benefits we can determine how many people are living on the benefits, or is it additional income, '' & nbsp; & mdash; said Smelov. & nbsp;

What if the scribe asks about income?

& nbsp; The interviewee has the right to refuse to answer any question. But scribes shouldn't ask about income. If you are asked & nbsp; & nbsp; passport data, information about owners, income level, salary and pension, etc. & nbsp; refuse to communicate and call the census station. Report what happened. Experts will resolve the situation and send you another enumerator or offer to do the enumeration on site. & Nbsp;

Why do people ask about living space? & nbsp;

During the census, interviewers are asked to name the type of dwelling, the time of construction of the house, the total area of ​​the apartment or house, the number of rooms and the types of the house. equipment. At the same time, scribes should not be interested in who is the owner of the apartment or the house in which a person lives. According to Smelov, Rosstat is interested in the living conditions of citizens of the Russian Federation, the living conditions of residents of the country.

“ That is, not just the presence of a house or an apartment, but that this house, apartment has & mdash; & nbsp; it is internet, and radio, tv, electricity, even including the presence of central heating, sewerage, hot and cold water. In fact, & mdash; & nbsp; not all of these conditions are available to people, you need to know how common this is, & mdash; & nbsp; Smelov.

Are citizens responsible for providing false information?

No, they are not. The answers to the questions of the questionnaire will be recorded only according to the words of the respondent. You do not need to present any documents confirming the information you provided (passport, pension certificate, apartment documents, etc.). When participating in the census, citizens should take into account that the information received will be used in social program development and budgeting.
& nbsp;

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Duma committee supported bill on abolition of compulsory technical inspection

The State Duma Committee on Transport and Transport Infrastructure Development recommended that the lower house of parliament adopt at first reading a draft Law on the abolition of compulsory roadworthiness tests for car owners. This was reported by TASS, referring to the press service of the committee.

The bill has been submitted to the deputies of the United Russia faction for consideration; and senators from United Russia. The authors of the initiative propose to release the personal cars and motorcycles of citizens from technical control. The project & nbsp; does not apply to taxis and other vehicles used for the & nbsp; passenger transport, as well as company cars.

The press service clarified that the invoice was to enter into force immediately after its official publication. In case of adoption, people who own cars will request maintenance as they wish. Inspection will only be required upon registration, change of ownership, or design change. & Nbsp;

Previously it was reported that the Mandatory Maintenance Abolition Bill is being prepared for review after a period of non-working days in November.

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Why are our drugs worse than imported ones?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” n ° 42. Supernumber: 152 questions answered 10/20/2021

Many people bring drugs from abroad. They say they are more effective than those sold in our drugstores. Indeed, in Turkey, for counterfeiting medicines, they get 50 years in prison. Why don't we have such a law?

Expert response 0 + –

They take it, but hardly justified, because the country has long outlived the market fake pharmaceuticals.

“Our drugs, manufactured in accordance with global GMP standards and having passed proper inspection, are no different from Western drugs, because the inspection procedure in our country and abroad is similar, & mdash; says president of the National Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices (APF), academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Kolesnikov . & mdash ; In Russia you can get 12 years in prison for falsifying medicines. Certainly I don't know of a single case where the manufacturer of 'pacifiers' ended up on the dock. '' This is nothing more than a myth, & mdash; explains pharmaceutical market analyst Nikolay Bespalov . & mdash; The same batches of drugs are supplied to different countries, including to the market of EU countries, and to us. There are few counterfeit medicines (pacifiers) on the market Russian today.

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Rospotrebnadzor explained who can be denied a QR code after COVID-19

Trace of a novel coronavirus pandemic that has spread from China

The deputy director of Rospotrebnadzor in the Tula region, Marina Bezborodova, explained why not all coronavirus patients get a QR code, reports RIA Novosti.

“ Take the test and get the results & mdash; it is not the same as making a diagnosis. The diagnosis is made by a doctor, so for a mark to appear on the utilities, you need to see a doctor who needs to confirm the diagnosis', '' She said.

Bezborodova explained that commercial clinics transmit the data on positive tests to Rospotrebnadzor, and then they are sent to the clinic, where the patient has to apply.

Previously the director of the center. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg said the QR code system for coronavirus vaccination is expected to work until the level of herd immunity in the country reaches at least 80%.

Earlier it was reported that residents of Russia without documents on vaccination or transferred coronavirus when hospitalized in federal medical institutions & nbsp; will do rapid tests for COVID-19. & nbsp;

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Zuckerberg reports coordinated defamation attempts on Facebook

The founder of the American company Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, believes that coordinated attempts are made to defame the social network, reports TASS.

According to Zuckerberg, “ large organizations should be subject to checks. ''

& # 39; Conscientious criticism helps us become better. But, in my opinion, what we are seeing now is a coordinated effort to selectively use the leaked documents to present a distorted picture of our company, '& # 39; & mdash; he explained.

Earlier, the media reported that after a massive Facebook outage & nbsp; there had been a data leak from & nbsp; 1.5 billion users. Representatives of the company in response to this & nbsp; said experts found no evidence of a user data security breach. In the context of what happened, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg & nbsp; lost & nbsp; positions in the ranking of the richest people according to Forbes.

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US scientists have developed a lamp that kills the coronavirus

Scientists in the United States, experimenting with LED lamps, have selected the wavelengths that enter human cells without injuring them, but infecting them with the coronavirus. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Experts have identified a range of blue wavelengths safe for humans, which kills SARS-CoV -2, whether outside or inside a living cell.

They found that the 425 nanometer waves, almost entirely in the visible spectrum, did not harm tissue.

Low doses of this light were enough to reduce the viral load, and higher doses showed a 99.9% decrease in infection without negatively impacting the viability of cells that have not been infected with the virus.

In the Russian Federation, the device “ TOP & # 39; & # 39; was previously created to combat covid. Under the influence of this device, the multiplication of the coronavirus in human cells is suspended. More & ndash; in AiF material.

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What do we know about Russian Boomerang anti-helicopter mines?

The US military is developing countermeasures against Russian anti-helicopter mines “ Boomerang '', which in the near future could enter the international market. AiF.ru understood what these mines are and what their outlook is on the stage of the global theater of military operations. & Nbsp;

What is an anti-helicopter mine?

In a nutshell, these are Boomerang anti-helicopter mines. are flying ammunition. & nbsp; The first developments of this type were undertaken in the United States, in the late 1980s the Agency for Advanced Research Projects began to create an autonomous anti-aircraft missile capable of detecting and targeting. intercept independently of air targets. GkNIPAS was engaged in the development of the national mine. The works were carried out in 2001-2011 in accordance with the State Defense Order. In fact, this is an additional tool to organize an air defense system. Now, with the advent of drones, these mines have become more relevant. Yet it is irrational to use air defense systems with expensive missiles on drones.

Mine anti-helicopter Boomerang can be installed manually or by using a special technique that performs an automatic installation. It is assumed that they can be used in airfield areas, landing areas and any other place where helicopters can fly at low altitude.

How do these mines work?

Mines operate using an infrared acoustic sensor. It first detects the sound of the helicopter at a distance of up to 3.2 km, then launches a projectile at the identified object when it is within 150 meters. When a helicopter enters a mine destruction zone, it instantly retaliates and collides with the helicopter. The main objectives of & mdash; motor or propeller. A mine fired at the helicopter from a distance of 100 meters can penetrate 12mm of steel armor. Experts believe that there is no way to protect against mines. Only the sappers on the ground can make it harmless, or rather, destroy it. Due to its small size, it is impossible to detect from the air.

The mine is equipped with an automatic fuse & mdash; it is capable of self-destructing if after a specified time it does not “ fire '' on target.

The Russian Boomerang weighs 12 kg, of which 6.4 is the mass of the explosive. The FDA goes from sleep mode to work mode in 1.5 seconds.

What are they used for?

Boomerang anti-helicopter mine serves to protect military and civilian property from helicopter attacks, protect areas of the sea coast where helicopter landing is possible, protect minefields against helicopter mine clearance, to block the runways of enemy airfields, to block the places where alternative airfields or dispersal airfields can be deployed, psychological impact on a helicopter pilot in order to force piloting at high altitude.

How are they installed?

Manually or by land or air, and quite quickly. During the exercise, servicemen of the Western Military District engineer and sapper units completed the anti-helicopter extraction in less than an hour. During this time, the sappers traveled a line more than three kilometers long.

The FVM is installed even faster from helicopters. In flight, such a mine manages to take a stable position – with the view upwards, and when it hits the ground, it “ independently pulls the trigger ''.

What perspectives?

These mines were adopted by the armed forces of the Russian Federation in 2012, but they were not used in hostilities, as Russia did not participate in the conflicts wherever the enemy was armed with helicopters.

The developer of the & dash; State Treasury Scientific Test Line of Aviation Systems named after L.K. Safronov (GkNIPAS), whose founder and owner is the National Research Center “ Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky. & # 39; & # 39; At present, GkNIPAS specialists are carrying out preparatory work with JSC Rosoboronexport. promoting anti-helicopter mines in international markets. & # 39; & # 39; Which ones exactly & mdash; unknown. In theory, the Russian PVM could be of interest to countries in conflict and where combat drones are used (Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan). Recall that such a mine can react not only to helicopters, but also to unmanned aerial vehicles, and there are many in this area. Also, Russian PVM customers can be Southeast Asian countries, China, India, Vietnam.

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