What does the villa where Putin and Biden meet looks like

On June 16, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of the United States Joe Biden will meet in Geneva, Switzerland. & nbsp;

Meeting place & mdash; Villa La Grange, located on the shores of Lake Geneva in the park of the same name, La Grange. Villa La Grange was built in the 17th century and is considered a historical monument. The history of the estate dates back to the 1660s. In 1706 it was acquired by banker Mark Lullin, whose sons built a mansion and a formal garden between 1768 and 1773. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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State Duma imposes fines for violating arms control requirements

In a meeting on Tuesday, State Duma deputies passed a bill on second main reading that provides for tighter control of civilian weapons, including administrative fines for non-compliance with the demands of employees of Rosgvardia, the official website for reports of the legislative body. >

Relevant changes should be introduced in the Code of Administrative Offenses.

According to the document, failure to comply with the legal requirement of an employee Rosguard or hamper his activities in the field of state surveillance of the arms trade will result in a fine for citizens of 5 000 to 10; thousand rubles, possible confiscation of weapons and ammunition or deprivation of the right to acquire, store and carry weapons for a period of one to two years.

The fine for officials will be 10 & nbsp; thousand to 50 & nbsp; thousand & nbsp; rubles, and for legal persons & nbsp; – from 100 thousand & nbsp; to 500 & nbsp; thousand rubles.

Failure to comply with the order of the employee of the National Guard will result in There is a fine for citizens in the amount of 500-2000 rubles, for officials – from 5000 to 10,000 rubles, for legal persons – from 20,000 to 50,000 rubles. A repeated violation, in turn, may result in the confiscation of weapons.

In addition, the bill contains amendments aimed at introducing fines for the loss of weapons, as well as increasing the fines for the publication of instructions on the explosives manufacturing and tips on converting weapons to military weapons.

It should be noted that last week parliamentarians adopted in final reading bills on the toughening of sentences for repeated drunk driving, the strengthening of the control of the circulation of weapons, the role of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany during WWII, as well as the increased liability for willful bankruptcy.

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What are cargo-passenger flights and why can't tourists take them?

Against the backdrop of increased demand for airline tickets, unscrupulous tour operators continue to sell vouchers for passenger and freight flights, although they are not intended to carry passengers. tourists to countries where flights are closed. At the moment, air travel is only allowed to certain countries. Who can fly on cargo and passenger flights and how reliable is it, AiF.ru found out

What are cargo and passenger flights?

Does the airline operate cargo and passenger flights? flights to countries with which air traffic has not been restored. These flights are coordinated by aviation authorities on an as-needed basis. In accordance with the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 16, 2020 No. 635-r, flights can “ be carried out under existing admissions from points of foreign states to points of the Russian Federation, to which international flights were resumed with a frequency of one flight per week. & # 39; & # 39;

Russian and foreign airlines carry out so-called cargo-passenger flights mainly for the transport of various goods, but at the same time on board & nbsp; authorize certain categories of passengers.

Before the pandemic, airlines carried cargo, mail, etc. on scheduled charter flights in the baggage and cargo compartments in the order of additional loading of aircraft operating flights on the territory of the Russian Federation and international air transport. The airlines carried out combined transport (passengers and freight on the same bridge).

Who can travel on cargo-passenger flights?

Carriage on cargo-passenger flights is only permitted for:

  • foreign citizens;
  • return to the homeland of compatriots;
  • citizens traveling for family reunification;
  • go for treatment;
  • leaving for work and the like.

How are passenger and freight flights different from passenger passengers?

Unlike regular passenger flights, passenger and freight flights are operated with ad hoc authorizations: the carrier coordinates one or more flights at a time. This is due to the closed borders and the lack of regular flights. Consent to operate a passenger and cargo flight must be submitted by both Russian government agencies and the competent authorities of a foreign state.

Russia banned scheduled and charter international flights from Russian airports on March 27, 2020. At the same time, the transport of air cargo was not prohibited. Airlines have started to carry freight and passengers instead of passengers, although in fact they also carry passengers. & Nbsp;

Why can't tourists buy tickets for a cargo flight?

The Federal Air Transport Agency has repeatedly stated that passenger and cargo flights are not intended for the departure of organized tourists. Tour operators are not permitted to sell a tour package for such a flight to countries with which flights have not officially resumed. It is only possible to issue tickets for passenger and freight flights if there is a decision from the headquarters to combat the coronavirus and the authorization of the aviation authorities of foreign countries.

What is the risk of a passenger when buying a ticket for a passenger-passenger flight?

The passenger runs the risk of ending up without theft and without money. At the moment, airlines are prohibited from carrying organized groups of tourists when performing non-scheduled passenger and freight flights. And due to the fact that these flights are operated to officially closed countries, and whenever you need to get an authorization, & nbsp; there is a high risk of flight cancellation or rescheduling. If the airline does not receive approval, the flight simply will not take place.

Travelers traveling to “forbidden” may have problems with departure. country independently and without a return ticket. Those with return tickets must be taken care of by the airlines, as the decree of the Federal Air Transport Agency only prohibits the issuance of tickets for cargo-passenger flights, and not to board those who have a transport document in hand.

How to recognize a cargo-passenger flight?

Airlines make no mention of which flight is a cargo-passenger flight and which is not. Almost always the flight will be a cargo-passenger flight if it is operated to a country with which air traffic has not been restored. A passenger can only call the airline and ask for the flight status.

Where can I find out which countries have resumed flights?

The countries with which Russia has officially resumed flights are listed on the website of the federal air agencies.

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When will the abnormal heat arrive in the European part of Russia?

In the European part of Russia on weekends, the temperature will be much higher than normal, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand told the agency & nbsp; RIA Novosti. At the same time, it won't be that hot until Saturday.

What will the weather be like on weekends?

On weekends, the center of the European part of the country will be under the influence of a pressure formation (high pressure), the pressure will increase. On Saturday the temperature will rise to + 25 & hellip; +30 ° C, Sunday it will be even hotter: + 27 & hellip; +32 ° C. This is four degrees higher than the norm. & Nbsp;

What to expect during the work week?

When the high pressure spreads, the northern air masses come first, Vilfand explained. Therefore, despite the warm start to the week (up to 27 ° C), the temperature will drop slightly over the following days. On Wednesday June 16, in the Central FD, it will be a few degrees colder, Thursday & nbsp; the temperature drops to + 23 & hellip; +24 ° C. Forecasters expect the same indicators on Friday. & Nbsp;

What's the weather like in Moscow?

Moscow will be just 'in the thick of it', so residents of the capital should be prepared for the weather described above. Leading meteorologist Gismeteo Leonid Starkov in an interview with Sputnik radio said that the night temperature on weekends can cause discomfort for Muscovites: the indicators will be around + 15 ° C. In a metropolis, it's harder to wear, the forecaster explained.

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Volga environmentalists are sounding the alarm bells, or Why chemists neglect safety

In Russia, 2021 has been declared the Year of the Environment. 2020 has brought us many man-made disasters, including & nbsp; associated with the activities of particularly dangerous companies, which caused damage to nature for hundreds of billions of rubles. Quite often, the cause of the emergency was a trivial lack of attention from regulatory authorities. & Nbsp;

Pure confusion

Alas, often companies belonging to the danger 1-3 class, the production of which carries a potential threat to others, including the environment, themselves do not want to comply with the necessary requirements and spend years in save on security. & nbsp;

November 24, 2020 AiF He explained in detail how our journalistic investigation opened to the regulatory and supervisory authorities of the Samara and Nizhny Novgorod regions a problem in the form of chemical companies for the production of coagulants, where the measures safety, including environmental, were seriously neglected in the material “ Dangerous production. Chemical factories are suspected of failing to comply with safety measures. & # 39; & # 39;

Throughout the year, while there was a journalistic investigation in order to attract the attention of regulatory authorities & mdash; Rostekhnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, Rosprirodnadzor, Ministry of Emergencies, etc., & mdash; to violations that have clearly taken place in companies, we have repeatedly sent not only inquiries, but also appeals. But, as a rule, those on whom the establishment of order depended reacted rather slowly, and many in companies using sulfuric and hydrochloric acids in production, as it turned out later , for some reason didn't notice anything at all. ;

On the contrary, local environmentalists, unlike business owners and controllers, have and still ring all the bells, believing that chemical objects in their current state pose an irreparable threat to people and nature.

& mdash; We even before the release of the material in the “ AiF '' drew attention to companies located in the territory of the former factory “ Phosphorus '' & # 39; (now & mdash; “ Khimzavod '') in Togliatti. This area is already a compilation of the Periodic Table, and in the absence of proper control the situation has worsened completely, it appears that the relaxation of government control over business activities has failed. ; has made it more flexible for those who, even in the best times of the system's work, are not particularly concerned about safety in their businesses, especially the environment, & mdash; asserting his position Stanislav Volokhin, chairman of the council of the Samara regional branch of the Russian Ecological Movement … & mdash; It is sad that the owners of some organizations, whose activities are related to the use of highly hazardous substances, earning huge amounts of money, not only want to invest in modernization, but also to do things base to bring their order established by law.

Photo: Daniil Mayevsky

Why is the law aside?

So, for example, it was only after the intervention of the central district prosecutor's office of Togliatti & nbsp; that a number of controllers nevertheless opened their eyes to serious violations in the work of one of the coagulant production companies: LLC Alkhim, part of the LLC Metakhim holding. & Nbsp;

If in 2019 Rostekhnadzor, carrying out a routine inspection, noticed here only minor violations, the list of which was reduced to a description on 3-4 pages, and in August 2020 , when the DA's office stepped in and actually forced inspectors to leave the facility with full control, there were so many violations that they barely fit over 50 pages. & nbsp;

Among the complaints were those which required the immediate suspension of the company due to its danger not only to people but also to the environment. However, the licensing authority was in no rush to do so for some reason. The same wait-and-see attitude was adopted by the Labor Inspectorate, which counted more than 20 infringements. The list of complaints from the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, which previously approved the safety data sheet of an industrial facility, spanned 85 points. The same goes for Rospotrebnadzor. In almost all areas, inspectors have identified violations that are among the grossest and pose a threat to human life and health.

Nature is silent and endures

And we are generally silent on the shortcomings of environmental legislation. Without waiting for a reaction from the Ministry of Natural Resources of the regions and Rosprirodnadzor, we had to do their work ourselves. The result of laboratory research on soil and water & mdash; exceeding the MPC for all indicators that may be associated with coagulant production, 6-7 times. & nbsp;

The same image was in another Metakhim facility located in the Nizhny Novgorod region: LLC; Aqua- Reagent ', where regulators had previously failed to pay attention to a number of serious violations.

However, it should be noted that the two companies still do not have proper security. & Nbsp;

Rostechnadzor did not even remember that this type of facilities, according to the Federal Law of March 6, 2006 No. 35-FZ “ On the fight against terrorism '' and the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 18, 2014 No. 1413 & # 39; On the approval of the requirements of anti-terrorism protection of industrial facilities (territories) & # 39;, must be protected by units of Russian Guard or FSUE 'Okhrana'. By the way, Rosgvardia herself has responded quite evasively to our and environmentalists' inquiries about this.

In Moscow, Siberia and the Far East, there is judicial practice on such procedures, which indicates the constructive work of regulatory authorities. In the Volga Federal District there is also a practice with regard to companies engaged in the production of coagulants, and it is quite successful, but for some reason these organizations were absent there until now. has recently.

However, it's too early to tell that everything has fallen into place. As well as early to draw conclusions about why the control for so long was, to say the least, & nbsp; not particularly impressive. There are some things that cause confusion even after posting. & Nbsp;

For example, for some reason, only the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Nizhny Novgorod region successfully arrived at the scene to take research material and carry out its own checks. The result, I confess, also amazed us: the content of sulfates and chlorides in the water is over 25,000 mg per liter, which indicates high concentrations of mineral salts. Only now the results of the procedure are still unknown. It is also unclear what has been done in the Samara region. & Nbsp;

Photo: Daniil Mayevsky

As for Rosprirodnadzor, in both regions this body has not been able to fulfill its functions. & nbsp;

& mdash; Rosprirodnadzor told us that the Volga & # 39; s Interregional Environmental Prosecutor's Office did not approve them for unscheduled inspection, & mdash; comments by Stanislav Volokhin. & mdash; Although, as far as I know, by law, permission from the prosecutor's office to take samples for laboratory research and air measurements is not required. But for some reason that wasn't realized either.

The Volga Environmental Prosecutor's Office explained to us why the Rosprirodnadzor services responsible for these regions could not get this approval. & Nbsp;

“ The refusal to approve an unscheduled inspection regarding these organizations was made due to the non-compliance by the Territorial Administration of Rosprirodnadzor with the requirements for the decision to carry out an unscheduled on-site inspection, what was indicated by the prosecutor's office in the refusal. But these violations of management's demands have never been eliminated. In connection with violations of the legislation on state control, the heads of the aforementioned interregional departments of Rosprirodnadzor received submissions & # 39; & # 39;, & # 39; mdash; reported Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor of the Volga Interregional Environmental Prosecutor's Office Maria Sidorova . & nbsp;

The same lull is occurring along the lines of other control departments. It remains to be hoped that the regional prosecution will lead what has started to its logical conclusion.

The editors will continue to follow developments and will certainly analyze the work of regulatory authorities at the production of coagulants factories in other regions. We hope that the situation with LLC Alchem ​​and & laquo; Aqua-Reagent & raquo ;, & mdash; this is an isolated case.

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The State Duma ratified the CIS agreement on cooperation in the field of cybersecurity

The State Duma has ratified the cooperation agreement between the CIS countries in the fight against cybercrime, reports TASS.

The document was signed in September 2018 during the meeting of the CIS Heads of State Council in Dushanbe. It aims at the practical interaction of the competent authorities of the CIS countries for the effective prevention and disclosure of crimes in the field of computer science. In May of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted this agreement for ratification to the State Duma.

The agreement states that the parties agree to establish criminal liability for cybercrimes. & Nbsp; The document also defines these terms as malware, information system, unauthorized access to information.

As the Council of Ministers noted earlier, the document will allow the development of new mechanisms for interaction between Russian law enforcement agencies and colleagues from countries of the Commonwealth for the Prevention and Disclosure of Crimes in the Cyber ​​Environment.

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Russian Foreign Ministry employee sentenced to five years in prison for embezzling $ 1 million

The Presnensky Court in Moscow sentenced Natalya Agaltsova, an expert in the monetary and financial department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, to five years in a colony of the general regime, having her found guilty of embezzling a million dollars, TASS reports, citing the court press service.

The convict was taken into custody in the courtroom. The civil claim of the Russian Foreign Ministry was partially satisfied – & ndash; in the amount of 67,461 rubles.

The ministry confirmed that by 2020 a large amount of money was missing. The department's leadership appealed to law enforcement, after which an employee of the Foreign Ministry & # 39; s Currency and Finance Department was cited as an accused in a criminal case.

More Earlier, the press reported that last fall the Foreign Ministry, on the eve of the fundraising, revealed a shortfall of funds in the amount of approximately $ 1 million. This is the payment received by the Russian Foreign Ministry for Iranian consular services. The Russian Embassy in Tehran was unable to send them to Moscow by wire transfer due to international sanctions, and the money was sent by diplomatic courier.

On the day of collection, Agaltsova did not show up for work, citing illness. Some of the money from the transfer was found in his office. A criminal case of theft was opened against her, which was later reclassified as an article on embezzlement. While the investigation was ongoing, the accused made a pledge not to leave.

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What memories do you have of the pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov?

On June 15, at the age of 93, USSR pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov passed away, state corporation Roscosmos reported. The cause of death was not specified.

Vladimir Chatalov. 1985 Photo: RIA Novosti/Igor Mikhalev

Shatalov performed three space flights. With its participation, for the first time in the world, an experimental space station was established and the first docking of ships in space was carried out.


Vladimir Alexandrovich Shatalov was born on December 7, 1927 in the city of Petropavlovsk, in the province of Akmola (now the region of Kazakhstan). During the Great Patriotic War, he participated in the construction of defensive fortifications at Gatchina near Leningrad, and then was drafted into the regiment, where his father served as a military signalman.

In 1949, Shatalov graduated from the A.F. Myasnikov, and in 1956 & mdash; USSR Air Force Red Banner Air Force Academy command faculty.

After graduation, he served as an instructor pilot at Kachin School, and from 1956 to 1961 – & mdash; Deputy Squadron Commander, Squadron Commander, Aviation Regiment Deputy Commander.

In January 1963, Shatalov was drafted into the body of cosmonauts. With Alexey Eliseev , they became the first Soviet cosmonauts to fly into space three times. On its maiden flight in January 1969, it made the world's first docking of manned spacecraft in space. Under his control Soyuz-4 moored at Soyuz-5.

The second time Vladimir Alexandrovich went to space from October 13-18, 1969 as the commander of the Soyuz-8 spacecraft. 8 & # 39 ;. During the flight, together with cosmonaut Alexei Eliseev, they carried out an experimental communication session with the central mission control (MCC) and the ship's measurement point, cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. via the Molniya-1 satellite. The crews also performed all of the planned experiments and research.

Shatalov made his third flight in April 1971 as the commander of the Soyuz-10 spacecraft. During the flight, the crew was supposed to make the very first docking with the Salyut automatic space station, but due to the failure of the spacecraft docking unit, they did not. # 39; has not been completely completed.

The crew of the Soyuz-10 spacecraft (left to right): flight engineer, Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Stanislavovich Eliseev, test engineer Nikolai Nikolayevich Rukavishnikov and & nbsp; commander of spaceship, Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Alexandrovich Shatalov. & nbsp; 1971 & nbsp; g. Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander Mokletsov

In 1978, Shatalov published his autobiographical book The Difficult Roads in Space. on the achievements of Soviet cosmonautics, the development of the Soviet space program and the Soviet-American cooperation in space exploration.

In 1987-1991, Shatalov was the head of the Yu.I. Gagarin.

By decree of the President of the Russian Federation, he was transferred to the reserve on May 21, 1992.


Shatalov received three Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution (1982 g.), the order “ For service to the homeland in the armed forces of the USSR '' III degree, the Fatherland Order of Merit IV degree, the Order of Friendship, medals, as well as foreign orders and medals.

On April 28, 1972, Chatalov defended his thesis and received the candidate's diploma in technical sciences.

Civil status

Since 1951 he has been married to Shatalova (Ionova) Muza Andreevna . She & mdash; Candidate in agricultural sciences, now retired. The family has two children & mdash; son & mdash; Igor Shatalov , candidate in technical sciences, lecturer at the Leningrad Institute of Mechanics, daughter of & mdash; Elena Tolubeeva (Shatalova), senior lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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What is the new Nomad unmanned spacecraft from the Pentagon program?

Nomad Unmanned Surface Vehicle (“ Nomad ''), created as part of the Pentagon's “ Lord of the Ghost Fleet '' program (Ghost Fleet Overlord) has traveled 8,188 kilometers – from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico through the Panama Canal to the west coast. According to the US Navy, 98% of the route was in autonomous mode, only the captain took it through the Panama Canal. It took over a year to travel this distance and accomplish the missions assigned to the nomadic patrollers. Previously, the same type of Ranger ship used the same route, completing its cruise in October 2020. AiF.ru found out when robotic ships would surf the oceans.

Photo: YouTube frame

& nbsp; In what project and why was the unmanned spacecraft created?

& nbsp; Project 'Lord of the Phantom Fleet' was launched by the Office of Strategic Capabilities of the US Department of Defense in 2017. Its goal was to create medium and large robotic ships that could stay at sea for a long time without maintenance or human intervention. This ship is designed to participate in various combat operations independently or in conjunction with conventional warships. Initially, these platforms could become floating missile depots, autonomously following the fleet.

& nbsp; Unmanned ships & ndash; they are modernized high-speed commercial vessels, in which autonomous control systems have been integrated and combat systems have been added. So, in Nomad it was created based on the naval supply ship Riley Claire; under this name, it is still entered in the register. Now as part of the 'Lord of the Ghost Fleet' project created two unmanned surface vehicles & mdash; Nomad and Ranger are used to develop technologies.

& nbsp; What did the new water drone test give?

& nbsp; NOMAD's remote control was carried out from the Coastal Unmanned Operations Center, which was operated by U.S. Navy Sailors from the First Ground Development Squadron. The final voyage of the NOMAD unmanned spacecraft would have provided the opportunity to further test the ship's endurance, autonomous operations, and government command system interoperability. Authorized to test control, communications, computers and intelligence systems under autonomous working conditions.

It is reported that both vessels will participate in testing, continue to provide key system data, provide feedback to fleet operators and demonstrate the capabilities needed to continuously improve and evolve the concepts of & Operation of drones.

& nbsp; How is the Phantom Fleet project developing?

& nbsp; The program is currently in the second stage, it will last at least until 2022. The tests focus on the integration of control systems and the conduct of more complex tactical experiments. Then the ships will be handed over to the US Navy for further refinement, within its framework various weapon systems will be integrated.

& nbsp; The US fleet is actively developing the direction of unmanned ships. Last year, the US Navy signed contracts for an unmanned heavy shipbuilding program with six contractors. Until August 2021, Austal USA, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Fincantieri Marinette, Bollinger Shipyards, Lockheed Martin and Gibbs & amp; Cox is expected to present their plans for large unmanned vehicles. Each of the companies received approximately $ 7 million for the implementation of the task.
& nbsp;

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Russia proposed fine for studded tires this summer – media

Association Rosasphalte proposed to the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Transport and the State Duma to impose fines on motorists who drive studded tires in summer . This is reported by the Kommersant newspaper, referring to the text of the appeal.

In Rosasphalt called for tougher measures against drivers who use studded tires in summer, as this causes significant damage to the asphalt surface.

Representatives of the association propose to introduce fines of up to two thousand rubles, to prescribe the obligation presence of the sign “ Ш ''; under glass, as well as limiting the speed of such transports to 80 km/h outside the city and up to 60 km/h in the city.

At the same time, the authors of the initiative believes that the penalties should not apply to drivers who travel between regions with different operating conditions established for these tires.

The chapter of Rosasphalt; Nikolai Bystrov recalled in an interview with the publication the rise in the price of bitumen this year, about which companies forced to repair roads during the warranty period suffer heavy losses.

However, at the Ministry of Interior Affairs, Kommersant; said the traffic police did not support the initiative. The Ministry of Transport believes that the problem should be resolved, after examining in detail the issue of materials used in the construction of asphalt roads.

Earlier, the media reported that from the June 1, motorists will be fined 500 rubles for using studded rubber in summer. AiF.ru & nbsp; clarified if this was the case.

It was also reported & nbsp; about & nbsp; project & nbsp; Ministry of Transport & nbsp; on & nbsp; collection & nbsp; highway tolls. & Nbsp; It will allow & nbsp; It will allow & nbsp; to fight with drivers who accumulate debt, using loopholes in the legislation. & nbsp;

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