Argumenty i Fakty launched an official channel on TikTok

“ Arguments and facts '' launched an official channel on TikTok. & nbsp;

The first video clips for the account have already been released. In them, the editor of Vladimir Shushkin answered a variety of questions & ndash; what's the safest place in the car, Gagarin said, “ Let's go! & # 39; & # 39; and why you need a small pocket on jeans. & nbsp;

In the future, the platform will publish exclusive reports from AIF Publishing House & # 39; s own authors and correspondents, expert advice and the latest news in video format. & nbsp; expands its presence in messaging, distributes content for user-friendly platforms. The total number of AiF subscribers in social networks and messengers over 2 million.

Short video creation and viewing service TikTok & ndash; one of the most popular apps in the world. & nbsp; In 2020, its audience in the Russian Federation reached 18 million users.


Next week in Moscow it will be 15 degrees colder

Next Tuesday the air temperature in the Moscow region could drop 10-15 degrees at a time, writes Rossiyskaya & nbsp; Newspaper.

This was reported during a conversation with the correspondents of the newspaper Head of the laboratory of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation Lyudmila Parshina.

According to her, on Monday the region is expected to hit 31 degrees Celsius, but thermometers could drop to plus 22-27 degrees on Tuesday.

When Parshina noted that a further increase in temperature is expected in Moscow. According to preliminary calculations, on Wednesday, June 30, the air could heat up to plus 30 degrees.

Additionally, the forecaster said that on Monday and Tuesday there could be local rains, as short-term subtropical heat weakening is expected.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand, said a dangerous level of ultraviolet radiation would be recorded in Moscow by the end of this week. He also warned residents of the capital about the dangers of long exposure to direct sunlight during this time.


Vilfand announced dangerous level of ultraviolet radiation in Moscow

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand said that the dangerous level of ultraviolet radiation will remain in Moscow until the end of this week. The situation is that in temperate latitudes the ultraviolet radiation reaches six or seven years, which is a rather dangerous value.

Vilfand noted that in the Moscow region, ultraviolet radiation will be in this range until the end of this week.

He also warned residents of the capital about the dangers of being in direct sunlight for a long time during this time.

Earlier, Vilfand said that the 1948 temperature record was also broken in Moscow on June 24. During the day, the air temperature in the city reached 33.8 degrees.


Russia ready to supply Belarus with S-400 and Pantsir-S1 complexes

The Russian side is ready to consider the provision of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems and Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems; Belarus, reports TASS.

This was stated by the first deputy director of the FSMTC of Russia Andrei Boytsov during a conversation with reporters at the MILEX-2021 weapons exhibition, which has held in the Belarusian capital from June 23 to 26.

According to him, upon receipt of a corresponding appeal from the Belarusian side, this matter will be resolved as soon as possible.

At the same time, Boytsov noted that Belarus is also interested in Russian air defense systems and fighter jets.

According to the deputy director of the service, the interaction between Moscow and Minsk in this area is dynamic and also offers real prospects for development.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that more than 70% of the anti-aircraft missile regiments of the Russian aerospace forces were rearmed on modern S-400 systems. The head of state also announced the successful testing of the S-500 anti-aircraft missile system.


India hopes to strengthen its strategic partnership with Russia

India's First Deputy Defense Minister Ajay Kumar expressed the Indian side's willingness to work towards strengthening cooperation and strategic partnership with Russia in the future. & nbsp; & nbsp;

He made such a statement following a meeting with the Deputy Defense Minister of the Russian Federation Colonel General Alexander Fomin on the sidelines of the Moscow Conference on international security, reports the Russian Defense Ministry. & nbsp;

“ I have highlighted the long-term strategic relationship between India and Russia, and we hope to continue and strengthen this relationship in the years to come & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; Kumar said. & nbsp;

He also said that he shared in a bilateral meeting the pandemic experience of the Indian armed forces, including the industrial and industrial ecosystem. innovation that the republic created specifically to fight against the proliferation of the coronavirus. & nbsp;

In addition, Fomin and Kumar discussed current issues of cooperation between the two countries in the military and military-technical fields. It is specified that the meeting took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere in the spirit of a particularly privileged strategic partnership. & Nbsp;


Is it true that new rooms have been opened at the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” № 25. Difficult task. Where does the education come from? 06/23/2021

The restoration lasted 10 & nbsp; years.

“This is a much anticipated event, because the titanic work of the restaurateurs has been done”, & nbsp; & hyphen ; noted during the & nbsp; opening ceremony of the halls Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation & nbsp; Olga Lyubimova .

Now tourists can admire the & nbsp; Plaster room, which opens the eastern part of the front suite of the Chinese Palace, the so-called half of the Catherine II. The & nbsp; Small Chinese study has become available, & nbsp; in which the painted silk is combined with & nbsp; contrasting geometric patterns.

The 18th century finishes have been preserved in the plaster room. Photo: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation


Lawyer: investigator offered Safronov to call his mother in exchange for a deal

Plot Detention of Roscosmos chief adviser Ivan Safronov in case of treason

The FSB investigator suggested to the chief adviser of Roscosmos, Ivan Safronov, accused of treason, to cooperate in exchange for an appeal from his mother, said lawyer Dmitry Katchev.

According to him, Safronov refused such a proposal, reports TASS.

Katchev said that before the arrest, his client called his mother several times a day, and it is very important for him to communicate with her

L & # 39; The lawyer said the defense views the investigator's proposal as an act of pressure on Safronov. “ This suggests that the investigation in my client's case is at an impasse, and the only way to get the evidence needed for the investigation is through pressure, '' ; & ndash; Katchev said.

Recall that Safronov was arrested on July 7, 2020. He is responsible for transmitting classified information on Russian military-technical cooperation and the “ defense industry '' 39; one of NATO's special services. According to the defense of the adviser to the head of Roskosmos, Safronov has been suspected of working for the Czech special services since 2012.

In May, the Moscow City Court recognized the extension of Safronov's arrest in the case of treason as legal.


Britney has spoken. A star's confessions about her father shocked the world

Britney Spears 39 years old, almost 13 of them she is in the care of her father James Spears and his assistants, but recently the singer decided to change that and testified in court, where she shared many shocking details about her difficult relationship with her parents. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Temporary incapacity

Britney rose to popularity at a fairly young age, but if the singer's career could only be envied, then her personal life didn't even cause a shadow of envy. At the beginning & nbsp; she had a rather difficult breakup with her first boyfriend and official colleague Justin Timberlake, then & mdash; divorce from & nbsp; Kevin Federline which resulted in the loss of custody of his two children, born to a dancer. Son Sean and Jaden They started living with their father for a reason, the point is that the artist was suspected of being addicted to alcohol and illegal substances, so they were forced to take tests regular for alcohol and drugs in the blood. One of them Britney 'failed' and, although the artist's attorney tried to prove that his client was only on medication, thus solving asthma and sleep issues, Spears lost custody of the heirs. Apparently it was the last straw, Britney's nerves gave way and she ended up in the psychiatric ward of one of the Los Angeles medical centers, where she was declared temporarily unfit . It was then that James Spears took the reins in his own hands, becoming his daughter's guardian, first for several months, then indefinitely. & Nbsp;

When dad & mdash; enemy

At first, looking at Spears, one couldn't even assume that her father's guardianship was a burden on her, although such rumors circulated. She returned to work: she recorded new albums, performed, received music awards, graced the covers of the most prestigious publications. Things were going so well that in 2009 Britney was among the top 5 highest paid musicians according to Billboard magazine. The singer lived in a nonstop rhythm for almost ten years and it was not until the beginning of 2019 that she took a break, since her father was hospitalized . At the same time, saying that James Spears not only cares for his daughter, but is in control of her entire life, has led to yet another fan activation of the star and the previously created #FreeBritney movement, including her. main objective was to free Britney from custody. and regain his personal and financial independence. Fans unanimously insisted that without the singer's father, she would have long married and had children by her boyfriend: coach Sam Asgari who she met while filming the music video for the song 'Slumber Party' back in 2016. By the way, Sam clearly had no sympathy for the potential stepfather and confirmed the rumors that every step of his beloved was under his father's close supervision. “I want everyone to know that I don't have a shred of respect for the person who tries to control our relationship and is constantly putting obstacles in our way”, & mdash; the coach spoke about James. & nbsp;

Health issues again forced the singer's father to relinquish custody of his daughter, or rather, he simply delegated his powers to another person, but it didn't change anything in the life of the singer. ;artist. “ They are still monitoring if she is pregnant, if she is getting married, who she is friends with and other important matters, '' & mdash; the star's makeup artist said last October. As for Britney herself, she only recently decided to tell the whole truth. The singer's monologue, which only lasted about twenty minutes, shocked the whole world.

I was lying

On June 23 of this year, Spears first decided herself to appear in court in the case against her father, but she did so from a distance. What has been happening to her for many years, she compared it to real abuse and admitted that she has been going through a difficult time in her life for a long time. “ I lied to the whole world, saying I was happy and everything was fine. I am not happy and not well, I cannot sleep, I am depressed, I cry everyday & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; the singer confessed. According to the artist, her father forced her to take the stage even when she was ill, controlling her daughter's finances and love affairs, as well as the treatment. So Britney had to drink lithium which completely robbed her of her strength and connection to reality. “I felt like I was constantly drunk. In such a state, I could not defend myself. Even maintaining a conversation with my mom or dad was extremely difficult. I was scared & raquo ;, & mdash; recalled the star. Naturally, the singer's main request was to be released from her father's custody. Spears also said that she has long dreamed of starting a new family, but since she started dating Asgari, James has reportedly gone out of his way to thwart her plans. “ I had an intrauterine device inserted to prevent me from getting pregnant. Now I want to get married and have a baby. I wanted to get out of the spiral and become a mother, but the tutor wouldn't allow me to do that ',' ' complained to Britney. & nbsp;

The whole time the hearing was going on, the same followers of the #FreeBritney movement stood by the walls of the apartment building where the trial in the Spears case took place, plus , the star was supported by several of her colleagues: Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Rose McGowan and others. 'After what we've seen today we should all be supporting Britney during this time. Regardless of our past, good or bad, and no matter how long it's been… What is happening to him is just plain wrong. No woman should be limited in making decisions about her own body ',' ' Justin wrote about & nbsp; Twitter.

In response to Britney's heartbreaking story, James Spears 'attorney said his client was' sorry to see his daughter in pain. & # 39; & # 39; But the singer is sure otherwise and is now trying to convince the whole world of it.


Access is open. Deputy Mayor Efimov on the return of rights to use water bodies

In the administrative districts of Troitsk and Novomoskovsk (TyNAO), more than 100 cases of unauthorized restriction of access to water bodies have been revealed in five years , as a result of which more than 8 hectares of coastal zone were released.

Comment reported Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Real Estate and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov , now residents can freely use this area for recreation or sports.

“ Every inhabitant has the right to access public water bodies and can use them free of charge for their personal and household needs. For five years, more than 100 cases of unauthorized restriction of access to water bodies and self-seizure of the territory were suppressed in TinaO. As a result, access to rivers and ponds over an area of ​​more than 8 hectares has been created. In addition, every sixth violation has been voluntarily eliminated, '', & mdash; the deputy mayor said.

Moscow & mdash; it is a city in which each of its inhabitants should be comfortable and cozy, in which they like to relax. This is one of the main priorities of the capital development program, announced by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin . “ We are creating a city with a man at the center. Every resident of Moscow & raquo ;, & mdash; he stressed.

There are 47 rivers, more than 250 ponds and about 120 streams in the territory of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative regions. The largest of these are the Pakhra, Setun, Desna, Sosenka and Polyanitsa rivers. A strip of land along the coastline of the water bodies is intended for general use, and every citizen, according to the law, has the right to freely access this territory and can use it for recreational, recreational and sport fishing and mooring equipment floaters.

Photo: MDF

“ However, users of land near water bodies disregard these standards and arbitrarily take over coastal territory. These include installing fences and restricting access to water. For five years, at the request of the specialists of the State Real Estate Inspection, in total, more than 1000 meters of fences and fences were dismantled, & # 39; & # 39; ; & mdash; reported the head of the control department Vladislav Ovchinsky .

For example, last year only 10 of these violations were dealt with. In particular, free access to the waterfall of ponds in the village of Klenovskoye, the village of Svitino, has been provided. The violation was reported by local residents. As a result, at the request of the State Real Estate Inspectorate, the illegally installed fences were dismantled and the coastal protection strip of the waterfall of ponds in the village of Svitino has been released.

Coastal protection tape & mdash; this is an area adjacent to the coastline and on which further restrictions are introduced as to the mode of use. Such an area is established in order to avoid pollution of the reservoir, as well as to preserve a favorable environment for fish, animals and plants. The width of the coastal protection strip is set at fifty meters from the reservoir.

Control of the use of territories adjacent to water bodies is carried out throughout the year.


Who will answer for the friend on TV?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” № 25. Difficult task. Where does the education come from? 06/23/2021

The 'Al Kapotnya' series designed for the younger generation. But & nbsp; how much is there a carpet! How can you show such a thing to young people? Can I make a complaint to the creators of the series?

Expert response 0 + –

lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky answers:

& mdash; & nbsp; There are commissions on & nbsp; TV that allow the series to go to & nbsp; to air or not let go. Films with language & nbsp; obscene are not broadcast on & nbsp; federal channels. If you & nbsp; have watched this series and not & nbsp; & nbsp; on the & nbsp; federal channel, then the channel received this permission on & nbsp ;. Therefore, the claim here is not to & nbsp; creators. You can express your opinion to the commission, which did not take into account the amount of mate. But & nbsp; I & nbsp; do not understand why the reader had a question only about youth? And & nbsp; why don't you care about retirees? Does mate have a good effect on retirees? If you & nbsp; suddenly want to sue someone, you need to take legal action only against the organization that issued the authorization for & nbsp; broadcast this series.